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Chances are, you are familiar with The Skinny Confidential. If you aren’t yet, than do like us and stalk her hard…like right now. To say that we are fans would be an understatement! We have been loyal fans for awhile now and you’ll see why once you start following her. 

Everything TSC is fantastic in our book! We love her, her blog, the him/her podcasts she does with her husband, and her snapchats (our fave) are hysterical and SO imformative for health and beauty freaks like us. We even follow her hilarious (and also inspirational) hubby on snapchat!! Yep, we are that big of fans. No shame!

We reached out to Lauryn a few weeks back to let her know how much we love her content and to send her some of our recipes because we knew they were right up her alley: lots of spicy, lots of healthy! To our excitement, she wants to feature THREE of our recipes in the Nutrition section of her Bombshell Body Guide! OMG!

Lauryn also asked us to do a review of her Bombshell Body Guide for you guys! We are members now and are LOVING it. We are going to outline the details of the BBG and provide our feedback on the fitness/nutrition guide. We hope you challenge yourselves, try it out, and join us as we BBG it up!


The TSC Bombshell Body Guide is a full fledged nutrition and fitness plan, with a community included. But first you must become a member (check out member options and details HERE). Basically, Lauryn (alongside celebrity trainer, Jamie McFaden) is like your virtual trainer/nutritionist. She, and other members, can connect with you via the TSC chat room. You can ask questions, share opinions, exchange recipes, etc. etc. It’s pretty awesome. Now, let’s break it down: we are talking details on the fitness and the food below.


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Once you are a BBG member, you’ll have access to two 28 week workout plans that will whip your ass into shape! Lauryn also shares her *new* 7 day meal plan aka her “shredding for the wedding” food guide that breaks down exactly what she ate for a week straight to be in tip top shape for her upcoming wedding.  In her Workout Library, we love that we can find specific exercises based on problem areas. For us, our lower body is our toughest to tone, so having her specific exercises to target our booty and legs is fantastic! Her step-by-step photos are super easy to follow, and WOW talk about a butt burner!

Madison is a trainer and we workout a ton. We know a lot about fitness and we love how straightforward, simple, yet challenging her workouts are. You can do these all from home! All you need is a set of 5 lb. dumbbells and a chair/bench! These are 27 minute workouts, three days a week, that are quick & will tone you up FAST. As a busy mom and a working millennial, we are ALL about that!


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In the nutrition section, Lauryn shares her favorite recipes and a few guest blogger recipes like ours! You’ll find meal plans and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even cocktails (cheers!). All are everyday recipes that don’t require a ton of time and use minimal ingredients which, as y’all know, is totally our thing! We can’t wait to try her Skinny Michelada Recipe and this Spicy Brussel Sprout Salad shown in these photos, yes please!!



We’ve already tried some recipes and love them! Some of our favorites? The TSC Pink Detox Drink and the 3 ingredient pancakes. SO GOOD. As we mentioned before, 3 of our recipes will be featured in the nutrition portion of the BBG. So keep an eye out for them 🙂 


In conclusion, we are loving the BBG and are actually using her workouts right now and are seeing results. It’s nice to have an outside source show you some new moves/workout plans because we are totally guilty of doing the same workouts every week and have started to get bored/stopped seeing results. No bueno. We encourage you to join with us and become members, plus go checkout our recipes on her nutrition portion! So fun for us!

*All of the photos featured in this post are not our own, they are from the TSC Bombshell Body Guide*

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